Lima Celebrated Pope Francis’ Birthday


On Sunday the 17th, Pope Francis celebrated his 81st birthday at the Vatican. However, in Lima a series of activities have been carried out to pay homage to him.

Just 32 days until the arrival of Pope Francis in Peru, the whole country is very excited about the visit of the Supreme Pontiff who will be in Peru for the first time from January 18 to 21, 2018.

Yesterday, the Holy Father celebrated 81 years of life in the Vatican (with a 4m pizza), along with a traditional religious ceremony. However, in Lima, a series of activities have been organized to pay homage to the Supreme Pontiff who will arrive in the country the next month.

Since early afternoon, dozens of young faithful from various parishes, brotherhoods, Catholic movements and the Pope’s Guard gathered at the Plaza de Armas, to greet Pope Francis and celebrate his early arrival in the country.

The event featured the presence of outstanding artists from the entire country such as Julie Freundt, Pelo D ‘Ambrosio, children from the school “La Alegría en el Señor (Lord’s Joy)”, Luis Alcázar and Catholic musicians, the Servants, among others.

It is worth mentioning that many different arrangements are being planned for Pope Francis’ arrival. He let Peruvian followers see his enthusiasm for his impending arrival via a video he recorded sending special greetings and wishing Peruvian youth a merry Christmas.

What kind of birthday gift would you give to the Pope?

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