Lima Is The 4th Riskiest City In Latin America


According to the report called “Lloyd’s City Risk Index 2018”, developed by the University of Cambridge and the English insurer company Lloyd, the city of Lima is the 4th riskiest city in Latin America and could record losses of $3,880 million US dollars annually.

Some of the factors that locate Lima in the fourth place of this ranking are the natural catastrophes, considered among the most harmful risks, said Gestión. Threats that are related to human beings have more impact on these kinds of projections.

“The capital of Peru exceeds in the list Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) with $2,720 million US dollars, Bogotá (Colombia) with $2,120 million US dollars, Santiago (Chile) with $1,990 million US dollars, Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) with $1,910 million US dollars, Guadalajara (Mexico) with $1,690 million US dollars, and Brasilia (Brazil) with $1,290 million US dollars”, you can read in Gestión.

Among other important threats are market falls, interstate conflicts, tropical storms, pandemics, floods, civil conflicts, cyber attacks, earthquakes, commodity prices and default (for public debt). The Lloyd’s City Risk Index 2018 report considered a total of 22 critical threats in 279 large cities of the world.

In Peru’s case, only the natural disaster threat could cause losses of more than $40 million US dollars.

“This figure is explained because in the last decade there have been no major disasters in our country, although the figure can vary greatly depending on the number of major disasters in a given period,” said Pedro Ferradas, an expert in risk management and adaptation to climate change, to Gestión.

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