Lima mayor declares victory over striking bus companies


“Those who intended to paralyze Lima have failed.”

With these words Lima mayor Susana Villarán has asserted her leadership during Wednesday’s transit strike, undertaken by the city’s private bus and combi operators.

The mass transit providers were angry over new rules regulating their vehicles and how they conduct business.

The mayor stated that 70% to 80% of public service vehicles functioned normally. An additional 35 citizens were arrested for causing a disturbance, including some who tried to stop those mass transit drivers who wanted to work. “Those who intended to paralyze Lima in order to oppose transportation have failed,” said Villarán, “for the good of the city.” She added, “I am not happy because it has gone badly for them, but rather I am happy because for Lima it has gone well.”

Some of the conditions of the new municipal regulation prohibits mass transit vehicles from stopping in the middle of traffic to pick up passengers. The use of underaged, unauthorized employees will also be banned.

Those who intended to paralyze Lima have failed, says Mayor Villarán.