Lima Mayor highlights meeting for dialogue


Lima’s mayor and leader of political party Solidaridad Nacional, Luis Castañeda, confirmed his participation in the meeting for dialogue convened by the Executive Power.

It will take place on Monday 9, 2015 at Lima’s Government Palace.

The meeting for dialogue intends to become a space for coming to agreements on political, social and economic related topics.

According to the Mayor, the gathering is “essential” for the country’s democratic health.

“I think it is very good, since dialogue must be the last [resource]to be exhausted. It becomes the possibility to listen to a variety of reasonings. From the democratic point of view, it is essential […],” Castañeda told Andina news agency.

He believes dialogue among political leaders must never be absent in a democracy because it enables to create an environment required to collect all the contributions, which aim at solving the series of issues related to life, to the needs and those faced by the population.

“We are going to talk, to dialogue, but we are also going to listen,” he added.

The Mayor believes politicians must put the country’s interests on top, beyond any personal or electoral desires. Andina news agency reports on Luis Castañeda’s views of the dialogue.