Lima: San Isidro District to Convert Parking Lots into 2 New Plazas

(Photo: El Comercio)

The district of San Isidro in Lima seeks to provide new public spaces for residents of the metropolis with a 5-month conversion project.

San Isidro, one of Peru’s wealthiest districts, is transforming more than 8,000 meters squared of parking lot space into two new public plazas for Lima’s metropolitan area.

The plazas, named Aldana and Bollar, will include more than 2,000 meters squared of green spaces, El Comercio informs.

The Municipality of San Isidro stated that the project will begin in the following weeks and take around 5 months to complete.

To view a slideshow of the current state and future vision of the soon to be redeveloped spaces, please see the original article in El Comercio.

Now, instead of hundreds of cars parked from dawn to dusk, these spaces will afford social activities and an environmentally friendly setting. These urban redevelopment projects are beginning to become more common in Lima as the Plaza 2 de Mayo transformation in Centro Lima demonstrates.

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