Lima to face light rains, cold temperatures this week


Lima is expected to face light rains and cold temperatures this week, according to Senamhi, the country’s national weather service.

The weather agency said temperatures could drop as low as 15.5 degrees Celsius, this week.

Raquel Loayza, a Senamhi meteorologist said rain and cold was expected in the early hours of the morning, and said humidity would reach 94 percent.

"Residents in eastern Lima – La Molina, Ate, Cieneguilla, Santa Anita, etc, will have lower temperatures with cloud coverage and even drizzle on some days. Despite this, there will be sunshine after midday in these districts," Loayza said, according to local radio RPP.

Meanwhile, temperatures in districts near downtown Lima, such as Jesus Maria, are expected to reach lows of 18 degrees Celsius.

"Faced with this situation, Lima residents should not neglect their health, and should wear a sweater or jacket to prevent respiratory infections because of the low temperature," Loayza said.

Temperatures could drop as low as 15.5 degrees Celsius, according to the country’s national weather service.