Lima Will Allocate More than 100 Million Soles To Restore Historical Center


Several historical monuments and buildings will be renovated.

More 100 million Soles will be destined by the Metropolitan Municipality of Lima (MML) – through Prolima – to the protection, restoration, and remodeling of the Historic Center of the capital this year.

“The responsibility for the recovery of the Historic Center of Lima dating from 1994 (…) involves the protection, restoration and even remodeling of 700 historical monuments; 1,200 buildings of monumental value and 68 urban environments, among others,” explained Luis Bogdanovich Mendoza, General Manager of Prolima, to Gestión.

This year the goal is to recover the facades of 20 buildings and historical monuments in Lima, as well as several balconies, a project that requires the investment of 4 million Soles.

The rest of the money will go to the restoration of the Teatro Segura and the Sala Alzedo, which will cost around 60 million Soles. “This is the oldest theater in Lima and the continent so it has a high historical value”, Bogdanovich said to Gestión.

The Manrique hospice is also included in the restoration projects. It consists of a XIX century building located in Plaza Francia and requires an investment of 15 million Soles.

Among other remodeling works to be performed are the Conde de Lemos cinema, the sports center of Conchucos, and the renovation of the Parque de la Muralla.

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