Lima will be Greener Thanks to Runners (PHOTOS)

(Photo: Press Release)

In the district of Ancón, “Plant a Tree, Plant a Life” continues to thank the 3,000 people who participated in Lima’s half-marathon and 10k races.

Lima’s “Plant a Tree, Plant a Life” program seeks to make the Lima population more conscious about the health of their environment and communities.  What better way than to support a new planting campaign with a half-marathon and 10k?

Thanks to all those who ran in these 2016 events sponsored by Toyota, Claro, and Nike, another 500 trees have been planted in Ancón, one of Lima’s northernmost districts, as part of the “Plant a Tree, Plant a Life” initiative.

More than 300 people will participate in further plantings along Ancón’s coast while also participating in physical education activities and programs provided by the Municipality of Lima.

Check out a few images from round 1 of planting below, courtesy of the Municipality of Lima’s press release:



Mike Dreckschmidt

Mike grew up and eventually attended university in Green Bay, Wisconsin. He graduated in Integrative Leadership Studies with an emphasis in Urban and Regional Planning and has been a part of planning projects in three different countries. Mike’s passion is reading; he devours both literature and nonfiction. His favorite author is Peru’s own Julio Ramón Ribeyro.