Locals and tourists participate in Corpus Christi rites in Cusco


Both locals and tourists participated in the traditional Corpus Christi procession that took place in Cusco’s main square after a Mass celebrated at the foot of the Cathedral Basilica’s atrium together with local authorities.

The religious ceremony, which took place on a beautiful sunny day, started at 10:00 a.m. and included a homily by Cusco’s Archbishop Juan Antonio Ugarte Perez.

The ecclesiastical authority, who led the procession around the main square, carried the Blessed Sacrament in a silver carriage, and as he raised it on high, thousands of attendees knelt in contrition.

Corpus Christi is a colorful and traditional ceremony and a wonderful opportunity for visitors to celebrate a traditional festival. Thousands of visitors and faithful fill the streets of Cusco for the annual Corpus Christi celebration.

It should be noted that this colorful celebration is the first of Cusco’s folkloric festivities during the month of June.

Likewise, the festival represents fifteen saints and virgins, organized in several processions, arriving from different places to the Cathedral of Cusco in order to “greet” the body of Christ, sixty days after Easter Sunday.

The night before the main day of Corpus Christi is important as twelve typical dishes are prepared and consumed, including cuy chiriuchu, beer, chicha and bread.Reports indicate that weather was ideal for the outdoor procession.