Look at this Emotive Video for the Peruvian Team Done with the Style of the Movie “300” (VIDEO)

(Photo by PQS.PE)

Innovative and creative ways to support their team, let’s just say Peruvian fans are very excited about this Tuesday’s match.

“It’s not just soccer, it’s the dream of a whole country,” the video posted on Facebook is a sensation. Peru will play tonight, Tuesday, against Colombia the most important game of the last 36 years.  The fans are, of course, anxious and excited and so what not a better way to express themselves than to create a motivational video?

A video posted on Facebook that takes as a reference the movie “300” has become one of the most popular and viral references to the important match. It has thousands of plays in the social network. The recording shows a motivating message for the members of the Peruvian team.

“It’s not just football, it’s the dream of an entire country. The dream and the promise to go to the World Cup,” says the protagonist which would be Leonidas in the original movie.

Then comes a series of phrases addressed to the Peruvian fan who eagerly awaits the game of the Qualifying.

“Our breath will be heard in every corner, in every heart of the country. Coast, Sierra and jungle All together! “.

(Photo by PQS.PE)

“Peruvians all over the world Join us!”

“The time has come to walk together towards victory!”

The material has generated great impact on Facebook.

The game to which reference is made takes place tonight at 06:30 p.m. in the National Stadium.

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