A Look Inside Tres Cañones, Peru’s Newest Reserve (VIDEO)

(Photo: Noticias Cusco/Facebook)

Actualidad Ambiental brings us a beautiful look inside the new Tres Cañones Reserve in Cusco.

“We want it to be the second marvel of Cusco,” says our guide in the video.

That’s certainly a lofty goal, but one that may become a reality. It is a true natural wonder that is understated in photography, so why not check it out in 360 video?

Better yet, why not visit it yourself?

Tres Cañones in Cusco is located in one of the lowest income districts in Peru and is ripe for sustainable development through eco-tourism.

Peru wasn’t just named “Best Green Destination” in South America at the World Travel Awards for nothing!

Video Courtesy of: Actualidad Ambiental Youtube Channel

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