Lord of the Miracles: The Procession in Lima Continues (VIDEO)


(Photo by El Comercio)

The Lord of the Miracles will receive the greeting of state authorities in the Government Palace, Congress, among others.

This Wednesday is the second departure of the Lord of Miracles for the month of October, in which He will be paid homage by the main authorities of the Peruvian State.

Hundreds of people are expected to accompany the Saint while He is paid homage by the high authorities of the city. One of the novelties in this procession is the cell phone app that was launched recently which will enable users to follow every detail of the route that will be covered by the Lord of Miracles. The app is already available for everyone to download.

The Urban Transportation Management (GTU) of the Municipality of Lima informed that on 18 and 19 October a vehicle diversion plan will be implemented to facilitate the displacement of the thousands of faithful people who will accompany the image of the Lord of Miracles, in his second and third professional tour, respectively.

These religious practices also serve to prepare faithful people for the upcoming religious events for the Pope’s arrival next year.

Do you think the procession will affect a lot of citizens in their daily routine?

Source: El Comercio



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