LulzSecPeru: Peru´s own hacker crew


Regarded as one of the most accomplished set of hackers in the Andean region, LulzSecPeru is getting attention from international media as they continue to expose confidential information. The Peruvian hackers have broken into sensitive government networks around South America, extracting and highlighting information in attempts to prove political points. Most recently emails from former Prime Minister Rene Cornejo, that had been collected from February to July of 2014, were displayed for the public.

In the emails, which estimated a count of 3,500, information regarding Peru´s energy and finance were discussed. Members of the fishing and oil industries were exposed of lobbying and making deals and agreements under the table.

As observed by ABC news, the hackers gave proof to accusations that top Cabinet ministers have acted more like industry lobbyists than public servants . The embarrassment felt by the government nearly caused the entire Cabinet to resign.

Prior to the Cornejo incident, LulzSecPeru has grabbed the attention of many by hijacking the Twitter accounts of Venezuela’s president and ruling socialist party (ABC news) during 2013 elections.

So just who is behind these acts of hackerism ?

Self-described as two young men, between the ages of 17 and 23, the twosome is driven to exploit those who abuse power and to promote government transparency.

During an online chat with the Associated Press, the duo described their activities as a quest for (the) ecstasy of doing something unprecedented, exposing the reality of those who seem to think they are untouchable. Making money or causing damage has never been their goal, the hackers claim.

Peruvian authorities however would disagree with LulzSecPeru´s claim of being harmless. Relating them to pirates, authorities say that, if caught, the duo could face up to eight years of jail time under new computer crime regulations.

While the duo have been successful in outsmarting the country´s cyberpolice, one of the members told the AP that he doesn´t rule out the option that they will trap [him]…nobody is invincible .The hackers have created a national political uproar.