Madre de Dios: Health specialists to arrive in flooded regions


Seven medical specialists will arrive in the flooded region of Madre de Dios, after flooding caused by two rivers have left the region in need of medical assistance, according to El Comercio

Andina news agency informed the daily journal through the head of the Decentralized Management of the National Institute of Civil Defense (INDECI), Teófilo Torres Torres that the Ministry of Health would be sending seven specialists to the district of Iñapari district, in the province of Tahuamanu, of the Madre de Dios region.

The Iñapari district experienced flooding on Feb. 19 after the Acre and Yaverija rivers overflowed and inundated health centers Iñapari I-2 y Bélgica, 16 public buildings, three educational institutions, and damaged a stretch of the Interoceanic Highway, two bridges, one port, and 700 meters of waterfront.

As for agricultural losses, the region’s flooding destroyed 82 areas of crops, 38 hectares of natural cover, and 610 animals were lost.

The medical specialists will see that anti-infectious disease prevention measures will be implemented and attend to the 1,050 and 125 injured and affected citizens.

Torres told El Comercio that the Provincial Municipality of Tahuamanu is looking into relocating the affected population by means of purchasing private land. Tahuamanu, Madre de Dios region, experienced overflowing of the Acre and Yaverija rivers.



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