Maduro Insists on Traveling to Summit of the Americas in Peru


Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro reiterated on Thursday that he plans to travel to Lima for the Summit of the Americas in April, despite the fact that Pedro Pablo Kuczynski withdrew the invitation before resigning this week to the presidency of Peru.

Excelsior wrote regarding this topic that “Kuczynski, who resigned on Wednesday under pressure on corruption allegations, criticized the Venezuelan government for lack of electoral transparency and human rights abuses.”

According to Maduro, the Peruvian government can’t be an example for democracy since it was “led (…) by a businessman president and lobbyist with traces of corruption throughout his career”, told Excelsior, citing the President.

Despite having been uninvited, Maduro said that he will ask his chancellor, Jorge Arreaza, to coordinate his arrival in the Peruvian capital to participate in the VIII Summit of the Americas to be held on April 13 and 14.

After the resignation of Kuczynski, no other president of the region has set a position on whether to attend the Summit of the Americas”, wrote Excelsior, adding that this meeting would be Donald Trump’s first trip to Latin America since his arrival in the White House a little over a year ago.

Some believe that Martín Vizcarra, who is expected to be sworn in as President of Peru today, will maintain the same line on Venezuela that Kuczynski had.

(Cover Photo Kremlin)

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