Manongo Mujica to perform at ICPNA, present new album


_He was five when he discovered the murmur that the stones make when enveloped by the sea. Since then, he knew he was going to be a musician._

So begins a 2015 _El Comercio_ interview with Manongo Mujica, the musician, composer, and visual artist who helped shape psychedelic rock and improvisational music in Peru.

Having never stopped experimenting, Mujica brings his latest creation, Paisajes Sonoros para Baterías y lo inaudible (Soundscapes for drummers and the inaudible) to his Limeñean fans live next week at ICPNA in the Miraflores district branch. On May 10 and 11, the album inspired by the many sounds (the good, the bad, and the beat-heavy) of Peru’s capital will come to life; witness a legend, and get lost in his creation.

A performance dedicated to the drums, Mujica describes that drums are a unique instrument because a drummer not only holds the pulse of the music, but also creates atmospheres, colors and musical textures.

Mujica was a member of psychedelic rock band Los Mads (1970s), and a founding member of PeruJazz (1984), a successful Afro-Peruvian and Andean rhythm quartet that would go on to perform within South America and beyond (including Italy, Mexico, and the US).

[At that time] Latin American jazz was like a caricature of the US, we didn’t want to sound like that. Then we discovered that the swing was also in _festejo_, _landau_, _huaino_, _harawi_, _panalivio_. The challenge was to merge all these rhythms with improvisation, Mujica described in the aforementioned interview, referencing various genres authentic to Peru.

Mujica’s 1984 album, _Paisajes Sonados_, is considered by some to be the first ambient album from Peru. It was recently reissued on Buh Records.

According to the official press release given to _Living in Peru_, Mujica’s upcoming performance will be accompanied by Cristóbal Mujica, drums; Daniel Mujica, percussion; Gabriel Mujica, drums; Marcos Mosquera, percussion; Franco Carranza, trumpet; Teté Leguia on bass and other special guests.

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_(Video: YouTube)_Next week, the pioneering experimental artist and composer will surprise and delight in Miraflores, two days in a row.