Marca Peru and CNN Produce 4 Short Documentaries (VIDEO)

(Photo: Great Big Story/Youtube)

The co-production between Marca Peru and CNN’s Great Big Story will release 4 short cultural films about the Andean country.

Marca Peru and CNN’s Great Big Story collaborate on 4 new documentaries about the Andean country to be released every Tuesday of September.

The documentaries will also be featured on CNN’s airport network on screens in 48 airports across the United States, according to Andina.

The first video explores an Inca custom that survives to this day: the annual rebuilding and maintenance of the last “handwoven” Q’eswachaka rope bridge in Peru.

Projects like these show why PromPeru, through their brand Marca Peru, recently won Leading Tourist Board in South America at the World Travel Awards. Peru was also winner of Best Green Destination for 2017 thanks to their efforts.

Here’s the first release of the series which reveals the inspiring community tradition from Great Big Story on Youtube. Check out their other awesome documentaries on Peru including their feature on the Salt Pans of Maras.

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