Marca Peru Among Top 50 Country Brands in the World

(Photo: Gestion)

Peru’s national brand is now among the top 50 country brands in the world, surpassing both Chile and Costa Rica, according to Bloom Consulting.

Bloom Consulting’s Country Brand Ranking 2017 revealed a gigantic leap for Marca Peru as it rose 11 places to become the 41st ranked national brand in the world.  Peru surpassed both Chile and Costa Rica who occupy the 46th and 48th place in the ranking, respectively.

On the world stage, this puts Peru ahead of Denmark, South Africa, and the United Arab Emirates in creating an effective national brand.

Marca Peru occupies 6th place in the Americas, only trailing behind Argentina (5th), Brazil (4th), Mexico (3rd), Canada (2nd), and the United States (1st).

One should not underestimate the importance of an effective national brand.  It has powerful implications for attracting tourism and investment to a country.

Check out this video from Marca Peru that we recently featured.  It shows exactly what makes the brand successful: integrating Peru’s past with its present to show that Peru is an emerging country in more than just economic growth.  Considering Peru’s wealth of cultural treasures, they really do have a lot to work with.

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Mike Dreckschmidt

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