Marcahuasi improves tourist infrastructure, invites visitors


Marcahuasi tourist destination inaugurated new infrastructure to make the experience at the Andean plateau more comfortable for its visitors, announced the Ministry of Foreign Commerce and Tourism (Mincetur).

Located four hours east of Lima, in the San Pedro de Casta district in the Huarochirí province, it has long been a favorite for campers and those seeking a jaw-dropping view of the stars.

Mincetur inaugurated the new works yesterday, including improved access, an interpretive center for tourists, a gazebo, rest areas, among other features.

Insider tips on enjoying Marcahuasi

According to the Ministry, they invested about S/. 10.9 million (US$ 3.325 million) toward optimizing the tourist areas and making getting around the site easier and more comfortable for visitors.

In addition, they inaugurated camping facilities, bleachers and improved guidance services for travelers.

Mincetur Minister Magali Silva announced that the improvements and investment will attract small and medium businesses of hotels, tour guides, transportation, among other services to enter the area. This could potentially lead to better services not onl



Hillary Ojeda

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