Marcelo Odebrecht May Have Financed Keiko Fujimori’s Campaign


The former CEO of the company Odebrecht stated that he had given money to Fujimori to run for president in 2011.

The Odebrecht case seems to have no end and keeps snowballing since the last year. Here you can read more about this case.

Yesterday in Curitiba, the CEO confirmed to Peruvian prosecutors that he is certain that money was given for Keiko Fujimori’s campaign. Following this, there was an immediate reply from Keiko Fujimori on her Facebook account: “It is certain that I have never met with Mr. Odebrecht,  he has not financed our campaigns and he has never met with me.”

She said that everything is a media attack in order to affect the popularity of the party.

However, a message found in Odebrecht’s cell phone hints that it may have been true. The message found says: “increase Keiko to 500 and do a visit”. Odebrecht confirmed said information to Peruvian officers and so now it is presumed that if money was delivered to Keiko Fujimori it was at least $ 500,000.

Moreover, the initials AG were also found in Odebrecht’s cell phone and he confessed that said initials mean Alan Garcia, former president of Peru.

The businessman said that Alan Garcia talked him and the company into a project to build a gas pipeline and in addition, the former governor showed interest in developing other works such as the Lima subway, which the construction company Odebrecht finally carried out.

Do you think Keiko Fujimori received money from Odebrecht?

(Source. Cover Photo Archive)



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