Mariana Costa among most influential women in LATAM


The BBC recently published their annual list of the top 100 most influential women of 2016. Among the most influential in Latin America, Mariana Costa was recognized for her efforts to promote women’s education.

Mariana is the founder of Laboratoria, an initiative that teaches young women of low resources to code, allowing them to eventually become web developers.

I am strongly convinced that we can all be part of building a better country, somewhere that we want to live in.

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Costa, who a few months ago shared a panel with Barack Obama and Mark Zuckerberg shared that out of the 400 women who graduated from Laboratoria, 77% of them now work as a web programmers and have tripled their salary since they joined.

The entrepreneur added that they’ve focused on women because they are the minority in most tech fields and they have overall least opportunities overall in the work.

The project started in Lima, then it spread to Arequipa and not long ago, Mexico City and Chile. Laboratoria has plans of establishing in eight countries around the region by 2021.
The BBC’s top 100 most influential women of 2016 featured Peru’s Mariana Costa for her efforts to promote women’s education.



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