Mario Vargas Llosa And Isabel Preysler Arrived In Peru


The award-winning writer and Peruvian Nobel Laureate, Mario Vargas Llosa, arrived yesterday night in Peru to participate in a series of activities, accompanied by his partner, Isabel Preysler.

“When leaving the international flight zone, Mario Vargas Llosa greeted with a smile the journalists who waited for him, but he preferred not to issue a statement and immediately boarded a van that was waiting for him”, RPP Noticias said.

The author of “La Ciudad y los Perros” will participate in a series of activities in our country, including an exhibition at “Hay Festival Arequipa 2018”, an event that will take place from November 8 to 11 with the presence of nearly a hundred intellectuals.

In addition, the aforementioned media said that “Vanitatis reported that the State Agency of the Spanish Tax Administration claims 2.1 million euros to Mario Vargas Llosa, a debt with which the writer does not agree, so he has decided to keep it suspended so that it does not enter phase executive”.

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