Martín Vizcarra is Ready to Be Sworn In as President of Peru Today


The first vice-president was serving as an ambassador in Canada and arrived early morning to Lima.

The first vice-president of Peru, Martin Vizcarra, arrived early Friday morning at Lima to swear to the position of president of the Republic after the resignation of Pedro Pablo Kuczynski.

“In brief statements to the press, he was ready to take on.”, according to TelesurTV.

“I have come in at this moment, taking care of the responsibility we have with our country”, said Vizcarra at the airport to local media and hundreds of people who were present to receive him.

His arrival comes hours after the Peruvians marched to demand “that they all leave,” as part of a slogan of satiety with the political class, which in recent years has fallen into disgrace due to various cases of corruption.

The soon-to-be President of Peru was received by a crowd of supporters who waited for him in a festive atmosphere and with birthday cakes since yesterday was his 55th birthday.

Vizcarra must assume the Presidency because the Constitution stipulates so. He was currently serving as ambassador in Canada.

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