Mashco Piro: Ministry of Culture to approve protection plan


In December, two communities were “forced to evacuate”:http://www.peruthisweek.com/news-uncontacted-mashco-piro-invade-amazon-community-104833 their homes in Monte Salvado and Puerto Nuevo after they were invaded by un-contacted tribes in the Peruvian Amazon.

To prevent further issues and to allow locals to remain in their homes, the Ministry of Culture has been working to develop a plan to appease both sides.

The Ministry of Culture is set to approve a protection plan in the coming days for both the un-contacted Mashco Piro tribe and the Matsigenka in Madre de Dios, reports “El Comercio”:http://elcomercio.pe/peru/madre-de-dios/sugieren-contacto-controlado-mashco-piros-y-matsigenkas-noticia-1826515?flsm=1.

The Matsigenka live in the region of the Alto Madre de Dios river in the region of Madre de Dios of the Peruvian Amazon.

They have experienced multiple clashes including one death with the nearby un-contacted tribes and have asked for increased surveillance and protection of the area.

The un-contacted tribe Mashco Piro has entered the Matsigenka community on multiple occasions seeking food and clothing. It is life-threatening for them to come into contact with other communities as they have little to no immunity to common illnesses such as the flu.

The Ministry of Culture is making an exception to take action to protect the Shipetiari of the Matsigenka community. They would normally ask them to move as it is a case of an un-contacted tribe that could be potentially wiped out after contact with the outside communities.

However, the situation has worsened, according to Patricia Balbuena, Deputy Minister of Multiculturalism, reports El Comercio.

“In 2014 there were 70 sightings of Mashco Piro on the beaches of the river. This year there were five, but all with raids. Chances are you have more,” said Balbuena.

The plan includes training the local villages on how to avoid confrontations with the Mashco Piro and on understanding of cultural differences.