Bronze plaque stolen from Villarreal University


Students at the Villarreal University reported that the bronze statue that was inside the campus located in third block of Av. Colmena in Downtown Lima, was stolen this morning by a pair of masked men.

Through a radio broadcast, students affirmed that two men entered during the night to steal the 20-year-old statue.

“Everything happened at 4:40 am when a colleague had to leave for an emergency, we opened the door. The loud noise from the door being opened attracted the criminals and they took advantage of the situation to get in. There were two men, one of them carrying a gun. They were completely covered from head to toes, we could not recognized who they were,” a staff member explained through the broad cast.

The eye witness ruled out the possibility of students being involved. “We live under constant threat from external students, people outside the university (Villarreal)”, he added.

The complaint has been filed and the police came this morning to the campus of the university at Av. Colmena to investigate the case. It was reported that security cameras captured the moment the offenders bust through the door and took the statue, located under the name of Victor Raul Haya de la Torre.