Massive Solar Project Will Produce Low-Cost Energy in Peru

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Peru is a well-known country when it comes to solar technology.  Find out how the latest large-scale solar project is giving hope to Peruvians who wish to build homes with renewable energy.

The country gets impressively high levels of sunshine throughout the year, which is why the latest large-scale solar project can produce energy at an all-time low of just 4.8c per kWH of solar energy produced. That’s staggeringly low and should help drop electricity prices for the citizens of Peru hoping to power their homes with renewable energy.

Peru is Ideal for Solar Power Generation

Peru as a country is in an excellent location for producing solar energy and puts out comparable levels of solar energy to a section of the world like Las Vegas in the United States. With around 2400 Kwh of expected energy from a kw of panels installed, it’s no wonder that the solar project can expect to create energy at such a low rate.

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Since Peru is such an excellent location for producing energy through solar panels and solar towers it’s likely that many other future solar projects will be put together as well.  This will help the country to become more and more self-sustainable and reliant on renewable resources for many years to come.

The Massive Project Undertaking

The full project is a 185 megawatts solar farm that’s to be built mostly by the company, Enel Green Power, who specializes in large-scale solar farms. The full project is expected to produce somewhere around 415 gigawatt-hours of electricity annually, which would provide a nice portion of the country’s energy needs in the form of a clean renewable. The final project isn’t expected to deliver any energy to the people of Peru until 2018 when it is completed. When it is finished it will offer an excellent source of energy that doesn’t require many renewable resources at all to continue running, unlike many of the other power solutions being used in the country today. It’s an exciting change for Peru and hopefully a change that many other countries will follow along with as well.

Delivering Cost Effective Solar by 2018

The project has been underway since November of 2016 and the Enel Group is hard at work constructing the massive solar project that could provide power to up to 351,000 homes around Peru. The project is being funded by Enel Group themselves, and will be paid off over a 20-year power purchase agreement signed by Peru’s Ministry of Energy and Mines. The whole project is estimated to cost around 170 million in US dollars, and represents a significant investment in solar energy production. It won’t be the largest solar electric system in the world, but it will be one of the most cost-effective to be produced to date, which is a good sign for the future

On top of this large-scale solar energy project in Peru, several wind farms, biomass, and hydroelectric projects were put in place as well.  This helps to diversify Peru’s energy situation and make the government more self-sustaining.

Hopefully energy prices continue to go down in the coming years because of this solar project, and hopefully, more people will begin to rely on their own solar installations to meet all their power needs as well.



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