Meet the man behind the art


You’ve probably seen his work but you most likely don’t know who he is.  Maybe you’ve come across a post card of one of his Paper Doll designs in any number of cafes in Lima.  Or you may have stumbled upon websites he has created, like one for a popular coffee business.  And if not that, surely you have seen his work in one of Living in Peru’s own creations: “101 Reasons to be Proud of Peru.”  Renzo Gonzalez is a Peruvian graphic designer whose work can be found all over Lima and even around the globe.  But who is he?  Who is the man behind the art?

The Beginning


Graphic Design

(All images copyright and courtesy of Renzo Gonzalez)

-Two Tr3z, which included a logo, a menu and even the creative signs for the bathroom doors

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Viva la Bici”


When Lima celebrated “La Gran Semana de Lima” in 2006, his drawings plastered the sides of phone booths throughout the city. 

Gonzalez was contacted recently to illustrate a series of children’s books about Peruvian history.  He loved the challenge.  He thought, “How can I make a kid feel like the history of Machu Picchu is his own?”  He did so by creating animal spirits to tell the story.

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The chances are good that you’ve seen his work, but who is Renzo Gonzalez, the young Peruvian artist behind many popular graphic design projects in Lima and the United States?