Selvámonos is here… Meet the team!


The Peru this Week Special Ops team has landed in Selvámonos and we’re ready to do some damage! We’ve got three writers, two photographers, and one videographer, ready to document the festival experience for you, so you don’t have to worry when you wake up bleary-eyed and unable to remember a thing on Sunday morning – We will be your memories!

We’ll be bringing you festival updates throughout the weekend, which you can follow on Peru this Week’s Selvámonos blog and the full report, with awesome photos, video, and articles, is coming out this coming Wednesday, July 2!

And, here are the intrepid explorers who have ventured into the jungle to bring you the Selvámonos latest…

Agnes Rivera

*Agnes Rivera* (Writer)

Agnes, a U.S. native, enjoys finding her inner tree-hugger as she manages the streets of Lima on her bike. At the moment Agnes is one of those strange types that can be seen picking up other people’s trash on the street (although one day she would like to join a larger effort towards promoting an eco-friendly lifestyle). Eager to be surrounded by more trees than cars and more music than horns, she is looking forward to her first Selvámonos experience!

Rachel Chase

*Rachel Chase* (Writer)

Rachel is News Editor here at Peru this Week and first-time festival attendee. As well as being a writer, she’s a singer, pizza expert, and compulsive guacamole maker. She’s really excited to visit the Peruvian jungle (even if it is just the eyebrow) for the first time, though she was disappointed when Hannah told her that she wouldn’t get to play with any giant river otters while they’re in Oxapampa. She looks forward to regaling you all with stories of festival merriment and pretending that she’s way too cool for school now that she’s attended Selvamonos.


*Erick Andía* (Photographer)

A Lima-based photographer, Erick is also an unprofessional food and pop-culture critic. But he does not provide critiques unsolicited; opinions are given upon request. Erick applies this quiet manner to his photos as well, preferring to let the images speak for themselves. Erick can be found at this year’s Selvámonos, where “he doesn’t know what to expect,” but is looking forward to the camping.


*Carlos del Águila Calle* (Cameraman)

Carlos is a Limeño. He likes winterm horror movies, cycling, and discovering new music. Recently, he’s worked as director of video clips and he’s collaborated on different music, video, and art projects. “I think that Lima is a city that offers us many cultural contrasts, it’s impassioning to live with and among them…” His works include a special relation with the city, he’s a cameraman for a communication media, independent editor, and photographer.


*Kat Goicochea* (Photographer)

Kat is a professional photographer. She’s made several participatory photography workshops in different places in Peru. She likes interacting with people from different places and contact with nature. She’s interested in social themes and with documentary. She’s particularly interested in capturing the identity of people and seeing herself reflected in them. She also enjoys cinema and music.

Hannah Vickers

*Hannah Vickers* (Writer)

Hannah loves camping, live music, drinking, and dancing. Festivals are her happy place. Festivals in the jungle, with waterfalls and hundred-year-old aguardiente distilleries to visit are close to paradise. She went to Selvámonos last year and loved it so much she wanted other people to know about it. She’s been hanging out in the empty festival since Sunday and is a little bewildered with all the people arriving. It’s probably time to dig out the glitter… the Festival has arrived!

*Keep up with the festival on Peru this Week’s Selvámonos blog and watch out for our special edition coming out on Wednesday, July 2. If you’re not subscribed to our newsletter yet, you can subscribe on our homepage (right-hand side)!* Selvámonos has descended on the jungle and so has the Peru this Week team!