Melting Glacier Impacts Peruvian Community


Glaciers are melting at an accelerated pace in “Los Andes” because of climate change.

Some months ago, a group of investigators climbed the slopes of Mount Huascarán to research more about climate change.

Farmers have been forced to move from Los Andes to other lands where climate change is not a menace to their production. In the beginning of the year, we covered one such case of a farmer who was fighting climate change.

This place, that is considered miraculous for having so much water, has an uncertain future. The reason so much water flows through this desert is that an icecap high up in the mountains is melting away. Farmers are already worried about what will happen once the icecap is completely melted.

It is worth noting that the irrigation and cultivation of around 100,000 acres of land have benefited by the glacial melting in the Andes. It has also enabled a gold rush downstream since 1980. However, it has been reported that the flow of water has started declining because the glacier is vanishing. Scientists estimate that the glacier will completely vanish by 2050.

People from this location say that their children have been able to go to the university thanks to the water product of the glacier melting.

What do you think can be done about this situation?

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