This is the Message Peruvian Army Sent to the Peruvian Team (VIDEOS)


With only a couple of days away from the first match against New Zealand, supporting messages for the team are very important.

In as little as 7 days the Peruvian team will probably make history, giving a direct pass for the country to enter the FIFA Soccer World Cup after 35 years since their last opportunity.

These last few weeks before the match have been crowded with heavy emotions. Last week, for example, New Zealand’s coach highlighted the stress Peru must be feeling since they need to qualify for the cup. You can check the article here.

There was also some joyful news when FIFA said penalties imposed to players would not be taken into account for the repechage matches. A news that benefits the Peruvian team, you can read more about it here.

Taking into account how important soccer is right now, it was not surprising to see this message from the army:

Nevertheless, not every news is good. With Paolo Guerrero “The Predator” being suspended for inconclusive results seen in his anti-doping test, it could be said it was a sad weekend for all Peruvian team fans. You can read more about Paolo’s issue in the following article.

This group of militaries did not hesitate to send some support to Paolo Guerrero:

In the middle of this storm of emotions, the Peruvian team seems focused on taking the whole country to the World Cup. Here’s a video where you can see them during their first training session in Auckland, New Zealand, some hours after arriving.

Are you ready for the match this Friday?

(Source: Aris Sandrea. The first video from El Comercio. The second video from Youtube. Cover Photo Facebook)



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