Message From Pope Francis to Peruvian Youth (VIDEO)


Pope Francis sent a message to all Peruvian youths for Christmas and spoke of his upcoming arrival in Peru.

Yesterday we reported a message sent by Pope Francis stating that he’s very excited about visiting Peru next year. This time Pope Francis sent a message for Christmas to all the young Peruvians and, in particular, addressed those who will be part of the Papal Guard.

These were the words that Pope Francis said in a video shared on Youtube:

“Dear young people, I greet you. We are already entering Christmas. Today we begin those preparations asking Jesus to come, right? Jesus is our wisdom. Oh Wisdom! We want to be open to that wisdom. It is not studying. It is to have that Christian feeling in the heart. I ask you: do you have joy in your heart? And do you have peace in your heart? And so then Jesus gives us wisdom. We hope so. Let’s prepare ourselves well for Christmas.”

“I know you call them the Papal Guard. I do not know what it has to do with the Pope, right? But hey, there must be some of that because when I go there they’ll be very close. I want to tell you something else. I am dreaming of the trip. I’m dreaming now! I really want to go there. Because you have one thing that other peoples do not have. How many saints does Peru have? And see the list and there is no sad saint, they were all happy. They had the wisdom of Jesus inside.”

“I wish you Merry Christmas”

“Take the risk! Get out! Do something good! Do it for God!”

This is just a fragment of the entire message the Pope sent to Peru. Peru awaits the arrival of Pope Francis on January 18. The cities of Puerto Maldonado, Trujillo and Lima preparing everything in detail to guarantee the best stay for the Supreme Pontiff.

Do you think the visit from the Pope is important?

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