Movement in and out of the country increased 6.7%


Earlier this week the National Institute of Statistics and Informatics (INEI) shared their report describing the migratory patterns for this past year.
Comparing last April’s data to this year’s they found that migration, as a whole, went up 6.7%. This is mainly due to the increase in the amount of visitors coming in and returning Peruvians coming into the country.

Where are our visitors coming from mostly? According to the INEI, our most prevalent visitors come from Chile, accounting for 45.1% of all visitors, followed by the USA (11.5%). Ecuador (10.0%), Bolivia (6.1%), Brazil (4.3%) round the top 5. This figures includes all types of visitors: tourists, crew members, diplomats, among others.

Peruvians leaving the country also increased 4% compared to last year, and out of those leaving the country 67.7% are ages 20 through 49. Interestingly, those who travel least are those younger than 20 (5.3%) and those who are older than 60 (11.7%)

Continuing a similar trend from past years, Peruvian nationals returning into the country went up 8.5%. Where are they returning from? Overwhelmingly Chile with 55.5%, this number is slightly skewed due to large number of entrees recorded in the southern city of Tacna.

Lastly, the analysis shared by the INEI exposes an emerging pattern: less visitors are coming into the county with intent to work. This number went down 16.2% compared to last year. This could mean that although Peru continuous to be an ever more attractive destination to visit, less and less people are considering it as an attractive business opportunity.