Mining and Transportation: Excellent Investment Opportunities


An important Peruvian delegation meets in London in order to attract new investors for infrastructure projects.

Bruno Giuffra, head of the Transportation and Communications Ministry led a delegation on promoting large transport and mining projects in the country. The minister highlights that mining and transportation are the two most powerful lines of investment opportunity at the moment and there are many big projects coming up for 2018.

Some of the biggest projects mentioned during the meeting were potential plans to build highways, metro lines, commuter trains and even airports. Giuffra states that the list of infrastructure plans keeps growing. Along with the investment plans for infrastructure and transportation, ministers also mentioned the importance of possibilities presented by Peru’s mining companies and their future projects for gold, silver, zinc and copper exploitation.

In July, Lima hosted the Latin American mining summit, you can read the article here.

Also, only a couple of weeks ago we were addressing how important mining activities are for Peru and how the country leads mining reserves in Latin America. If you want to know more about this you can read the whole note here.

Another important mention done during the meeting was regarding the possibility to invest in the agricultural sector, an industry that could potentially have millions of consumers. This is not surprising considering Peru is part of the Top 3 countries leading the market of agricultural exports, you can check here if you want to know more about it.

The United Kingdom is embarking on a process of exit from the European Union (EU) that is expected to formalize in March 2019. In view of this, London has advanced their intentions to negotiate free trade agreements with Latin American countries, a scenario that the Peruvian minister believes can open new opportunities.

Do you think these trading agreements will benefit Peru?

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