Lima: Missing boy found after four-year search


A family from the San Juan de Lurigancho district in Lima were reunited with their son, who had been missing since February of 2009.

He was found only 15 blocks away in the home of a neighborhood woman, “America Noticias” reported yesterday.

The woman, who was said to have been caring for the child, Jesús, now six years old, these last four years, says she found the infant in poor condition at her doorstep many years ago. She says she will fight to keep the child.

“I love him,” Rosa Quintanilla Castillo, 48, told reporters. “I am ready to fight for him and to continue being a part of his life, because he is practically my son.”

Quintanilla could be charged with kidnapping and may face life imprisonment, according to El Comercio newspaper, but if it is determined that she provided the youngster a good quality of life, she will be served a monetary sanction.

“I have two children who I have raised to be successful and I was raising him to be the same way,” Quintanilla said. “He loves me, in fact, he cried when we were separated.”

According to police, Jesús’ mother, Elizabeth Vera Atuncar, lost him in a market in San Juan de Lurigancho in 2009.

“I never stopped searching for him,” Vera said. “I have wanted to hold him and have him in my arms all this time.”

The mother says her child knows how to read and appears to have been treated well while under Quintanilla’s care. She has not decided whether or not to press charges.
Woman who cared for him says she’ll fight to keep the boy.