Mistura 2014: A deliciously colorful start


The seventh edition of Mistura has finally arrived, and a lucky crowd was able to enjoy a taste on Thursday. Stationed along the Costa Verde in Lima, Peru, the inauguration of the annual gastronomic event was full of colorful sketches and artistic performances. Food remained at the forefront however as representative goods from Peru, such as the starchy potato and the citrus sweet lemon, were incorporated into the live shows as well.

President Humala was also present and gave a speech in which he praised the farmers and producers that provide not just nourishment, but whom have also brought much potencial and growth for the country on an international level.

Now an established tourist attraction and national pride, the foodie event has widened the foreign perspective of what Peru has to offer.

Mistura´s positive reputation truely seems to have taken off, as last year ´s attendance tallied an estimated amount of 350,000 people. This year organizers are expecting an even greater amount, with an estimated half a million visitors expected.

The ten-day event opens to the public Friday, September 5th.The inauguration served as a great appetizer for whats to come.