Mistura 2015 to have space dedicated to food trucks


Traveling back more than a century, the origin of food trucks goes back to the hungry cattleman of the American west.

Since then, the United States has seen a rapid proliferation of the tasty (and once cheap) fast food eateries. However, Peru is only recently seeing the craze of “food trucks coming into fashion”:http://www.peruthisweek.com/food-young-entrepreneurs-bring-gourmet-food-trucks-to-lima-20276, and they come in all shapes and sizes.

To represent this development of the Peruvian palate, the Mistura 2015 food festival will be dedicating a section of the event to food trucks, according to a press release provided to Peru this Week.

In order to promote the growing industry of food trucks in the Peruvian capital, the mobile eateries will be taking up a section at the festival to be held at the Costa Verde of Magdalena del Mar.

One of the chosen businesses includes the artisanal burger truck, Lima Sabrosa of Alejandro Acuna and Natalie Miori. For Lima Sabrosa, this will be the second time attending the festival, when last year they participated in the “sanguches” section.

To stay tuned on more food trucks to be featured in Mistura’s special additions for this year’s festival, follow them on their Facebook “page”:https://www.facebook.com/misturaperu?fref=ts.



Hillary moved to Peru in August of 2014 to learn Spanish, live with her family, and pursue writing. Born and raised in Bakersfield, Ca, Hillary earned her B.A. in Anthropology at University of California, Berkeley. Since moving to Peru she drinks fermented potato and coca concoctions daily and is enjoying learning about the abundant and natural andean foods of the country. Hillary hopes one day to become an investigative journalist. You can follow her blog.