La Molina tunnel ready by 2021


The great road project that the east side of the capital has been longing for decades, the tunnel connecting the districts of La Molina-Miraflores, should get the green light in the coming weeks. Its operator, the Spanish company OHL, hopes to begin the project in the summer of 2017. Certain ‘issues’ with the Municipality of Lima, which have delayed its start for many months, have to be solved first.

Being optimistic, we would solve our issues with the municipality in January, then we would go to the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) and we could have everything approved by March or April 2017, reported the President of OHL, Ricardo Vega Llona.

If these forecasts are met, the US$ 500 million project can finally start the detailed engineering stage and will be ready to start construction in the summer of 2018.

By 2021 the 2.2 km road project should be complete. Residents of La Molina, Surco, San Borja and Surquillo will be able to travel to Miraflores in just 20 minutes; that is, four to six times faster than the current commuting time.

According to initial forecasts of OHL, the work should have started this year. Vega Llona explained that the delay was due to a request from the municipality, which forced them to rethink the project.

What happened is that the municipality should have conducted the analysis to clear the route of all kinds of interference from public services (fiber optics, water connections, drainage and electricity), but they preferred that we finance it. Consequently, we have had to make an economic-financial restructuring of our investment,” he concluded.
The project will connect residents of La Molina, Surco, San Borja or Surquillo to Miraflores in just 20 minutes.



Alvaro Tassano