More than 350,000 attended Lima’s Mistura 2013


Mistura, the largest food fair in Latin America, wrapped up its 2013 edition last night on the Costa Verde in Magdalena del Mar.

El Comercio reports today that more than 350,000 people attended this year’s fair. Though this figure is significantly lower than early projections that placed attendance at around 500,000, it seemed that the fair was full to bursting just about every day of its 10-day run.

The most popular dishes at the fair were evident from early on, with hours-long lines at the most buzzed-about stands. According to La República, the chanco al palo (a kind of barbecued pork) from Carlos Ramírez’s stand sold more than 25,000 portions. La Republica reports that rabbit chicharrones (a fried meat dish similar to pork cracklings) were the second most-sold dish. Third place went to another purveyor of chancho al palo, Makaton restaurant, and the caja china (roasted pork) by Juan Talledo came in fourth. Rounding out the top five were the Tia Grimanesa’s anticuchos (marinated beef heart on a skewer). El Comercio also reports that more than 30,000 portions of quinoa picarones (a fried dough dessert) were sold over the course of the fair.

According to El Comercio, attendees at Mistura 2013 had some suggestions for improvement. 71% of those polled believe that ticket prices for the festival should be more economically accessible, and 57% opined that the prices for portions of food should also be lower. 58% thought that the Costa Verde was a bad choice for the location, but 36% thought it was a good place for the fair. Chancho al palo, as expected, was the top dish at this year’s fair.