More than 850 pups run in La Molina’s “perriton”


More than 850 dogs and their owners ran in a unique Perriton or dog race in La Molina Sunday morning. The district organized the event in order to promote responsible dog ownership, as well as healthy family recreation.

From early in the day, hundreds of dogs and people gathered near the Hispanoamérica Park. The “perriton” was divided into two categories: small dogs, who ran one mile, and medium and large who ran two.


In the small category, the winning pup was Lulu, a Dachshund. Oso, a mix-breed, won the race for medium. Meanwhile, Box, a Labrador took first place among large breed dogs. All of the winners received awards from Mayor Juan Carlos Zurek.

While bulldog Biuf didn’t win due to his speed, his did garner the most attention, crossing the finish line on a skateboard.

As part of the event, the municipality offered free veterinary medical services for all pets.

*Terra Hall is a journalist living in Lima, Peru. View more of her work at www.TerraHall.com.* La Molina’s mini-marathon for dogs and their owners was a hit.