Most Common Types Of Cancer In Peru


According to information revealed by El Comercio, more than 33,000 people died from cancer in 2018 in Peru. They published a list of the six deadliest types of this disease in the country since today the World Cancer Day is commemorated to raise awareness on this illness:

1. Stomach cancer

Stomach cancer is the type that causes the most deaths in Peru. Last year alone, 4,606 people died from this disease.

“Doctors recommend being careful with stomach inflammations, infections with helicobacter and processed foods, as these are risk factors for developing stomach cancer”, El Comercio explained.

This disease is usually diagnosed late, which makes its treatment difficult.

2. Lung cancer

“If you smoke, then you already have the main risk factor to develop lung cancer, which in Peru caused 2,844 deaths in 2018, becoming the second deadliest”, the aforementioned media said.

According to studies, the larger the number of cigarettes smoked, the greater the risk of developing this disease. Environmental pollution, radiation and the early start of smoking are also risk factors.

3. Prostate cancer

This is a type of cancer that only affects men, because it attacks a male organ that is under the bladder: the prostate. In Peru, 2,721 people lost their lives due to this condition, last year.

Although prostate cancer is more common in older men, it can occur in men under 40 years of age. It usually needs a minimal treatment or even not needing it, but the most aggressive types can spread quickly.

4. Colon cancer

Colon cancer caused the death of 2,367 Peruvians in 2018, according to Globocan.

The disease usually begins as polyps, a group of noncancerous cells in the intestine, but over time they often become cancer. Therefore, doctors recommend preventive tests to detect these polyps and extract them, to prevent them from becoming cancer.

5. Liver cancer

Unlike the rest of the world, liver cancer in Peru and other countries in the region affects young people with an average age of 30 years. Nevertheless, there have even been cases in children, El Comercio revealed.

During 2018, 2,239 Peruvians died from this disease, which affects a key organ in the digestion of fats, protein synthesis and the storage of vitamins, etc.

6. Breast cancer

Despite the widespread belief, breast cancer affects both women and men. In Peru, 1,858 people died in 2018 because of this disease, which has a higher incidence in women.

For this reason, it is important to perform a self-examination to look for protuberances in the breasts and be revised regularly by a gynecologist since early detection improves the possibility of overcoming the disease.

According to the Globocan 2018 report, only last year more than 9.5 million people died of cancer worldwide.

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