Motorshow: Companies Expect to Sell 8,000 Cars


The most important fair in the automotive sector opened its doors after three years. Customers can buy vehicles starting from US$ 7,000.

It is quite normal that in rising economies, the capability to acquire new goods increases. Yesterday we reported that 3,000 new houses are expected to be sold during the last quarter of 2017. We also highlighted how popular Smart TVs have become lately, and now we turn to look at the automotive industry.

Automotive companies that have met at the Motorshow, the most important fair in this market, expect to sell around 8 thousand vehicles during the seven days of the event, said Edwin Derteano, president of the Peruvian Automotive Association (AAP).

If this happens, total sales of the automotive industry would reach about 23,000 cars this month, said Derteano. In September, car sales increased only by a 0.4%. “With the completion of the Motorshow, the industry will reach approximately 190,000 vehicles sold during 2017. This will represent a 10% increase compared to last year,” said Derteano to El Comercio after inaugurating the event yesterday.

After three years, the Motorshow takes place again in the capital over an area of 33 thousand m2 at the Jockey Exhibition Center in Surco. In this edition, 49 brands in the sector will exhibit 530 models in the seven days that the fair will last. “The Motorshow has become the meeting point for car brands in Peru. Each company presents at the fair its latest innovations in terms of technology, equipment, and security. Also, companies offer different promotions during the event,” said Derteano.

Should we be focusing on selling more automobiles or strengthening our public transportation system? Has it been taken into consideration how the addition of more automobiles will affect the already overwhelming traffic? What about the pollution caused by cars and Lima’s currently high pollution level? Let us know your opinion in the comment section!


Photo by El Comercio

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