Mr. Chip Simulates World Cup Draw and Peru Ends Up in Difficult Group(VIDEO)


Only 5 days before the official draw by FIFA and simulations keep showing up.

Everyone knows that Peru is going to World Cup 2018. Now, Gareca and his team are looking to qualify for the round of sixteen.

Many have been the simulations of the draw for the group stage in this coming World Cup. However, some draws have given similar results and others have not. Yesterday, Mr. Chip, the renowned Spanish expert in football statistics, did his simulation and Peru was grouped with difficult rivals.

According to what he shared in his official Twitter account, MisterChip affirms that the Peruvian National Team will be placed in Group E along with the current world champion, Germany, Japan and the debutant Iceland. Recall that other draws had also put Peru with the Germans and Nordics, who will be playing in their first World Cup.

In addition, Mr. Chip’s group of death was composed of Brazil, Spain, Sweden, and Nigeria.

In the following video you can see some of the thoughts Mr. Chip had about the Peruvian Team before qualifying for the World Cup.

Do you think Peru will be in the same group as Germany?

(Source: Aris Sandrea)
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