How Much Do Russians Know About Peru?


Is it possible that Russians, people from a country that is so far away, know anything about Peru?

An Argentinian Youtuber fulfilled the task of collecting information from Russians on how much they know about Peru.

The mix between these two cultures has become a very popular topic for debates since Peru will finally go to a World Cup after 36 years of not being able to qualify, and the country where this World Cup will be held at is Russia.

In the video, most Russians seem to know some of the most important figures in the Peruvian soccer team such as Jefferson Farfán and Paolo Guerrero as well as the uniform worn by the selection. (In this article you can check the new jersey design that the team will wear at the World Cup).

It is worth mentioning that this is not the first proof of cultural exchange between Peru and Russia that can be found online. Some weeks ago we also shared a video where Russians were dared to try Peruvian food, you can read the article and watch the video right here.

The impact of having Peruvian players and a lot of Peruvian fans in Russia may have an important cultural impact in the European country. A point in favor of Peru is that Europeans are known to love delicious food cooked in Peru. This is actually what makes Peru one of the favorite gastronomic options for European tourists.

What do you know about Russia? Do you think Peruvians would know as much about Russia as Russians know about Peru?

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