Mummy found in front of the archaeological complex of Chan Chan


A mummy was found in front of the archaeological complex Chan Chan, and delivered to the Directorate of Culture of La Libertad, Trujillo this afternoon, according to El Comercio

The mummy was found in the district of Huanchaco in Trujillo in a cardboard box wrapped with rope, in front of the large ancient archaeological complex.

A group of cleaning workers discovered the remains at 7:30 a.m. this morning, which is expected to have been robbed from its original burial location and transported to the central berm of a road leading to the beach of Trujillo.

Later today the mummy was then taking to the police station of Huanchaco where they investigated its discovery. From there, the mummy was taken to the staff of the Directorate of Culture of La Libertad.

Ministry of Culture sources told El Comercio that the mummy is most likely a pre-hispanic mummy. It’s not a Chimu mummy, they ruled out. Therefore, they suggest it is of another pre-hispanic culture.

The local authorities have begun to conduct in depth research and data compilation to better conserve the archaeological complex of Chan Chan. A team of researchers recently collected 8,000 photographs taken by a drone to better understand the entire complex. The Chan Chan mummy has been identified as an adult by the size of its teeth.



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