Museum celebrating culture and history opens in Paucartambo, Peru


Regional culture authorities in the city of Paucartambo in the department of Cusco announced the inauguration of a brand new museum. The museum, called El Museo de los Pueblos,’ will highlight the historical and cultural importance of the region.

According to Andina news agency, the museum will be divided into four parts. In The Amazon-Andes confluence in Antisuyu,’ La República reports that visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the importance of the region (called “Antisuyu” in the Incan Empire) in the pre-Columbian world. Andean communities and their social networks’ and The Amazonian profile of Paucartambo” will provide guests to the museum with more information about the geography and anthropology of the region.

The fourth section is another highlight of the museum. The exhibit area called Mamacha del Carmen: religious routes, social networks, and rhythms of faith’ will showcase the colorful religious festivities of the area. Paucartambo is known nationwide for its annual celebration of the festival of the Virgen del Carmen, wherein dancers wear elaborate ceremonial costumes. The display features a number of beautiful traditional festival costumes, accompanied by descriptions detailing their use and components, reports La República.

According to Andina, David Ugarte, the head of the regional cultural authority, told reporters that the museum represented an investment of S/. 887,000. The festival of the Virgen del Carmen in Paucartambo already attracts a large number of domestic and international tourists to the area when it is celebrated yearly from July 14 to 19. La República reports that local leaders are hoping the museum will help make Paucartambo a must-see destination year-round.Museum showcases regional traditions and folklore.



Rachel Chase

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