Museums of Lima: Readers’ picks of the best


Last month, as the rather splendid Noche de Arte approached, we asked you to tell us about your favorite museums in Lima. Here are your choice picks of the best!

My favorite museum: Museo Larco A manageable’ Museum that captures the raw beauty & emotion of Incan art – metalwork, stonework, pottery & weaving. Impressive when you consider such fine work was done many years ago w/ simple tools and no frame of reference other than their own life experience
*Walter Gonzalez*

My favorite museum in Lima is MATE Mario Testino is so inspirational and his collections are fantastic, not to mention I love the conversion they did to the house, it’s a really beautiful and inviting atmosphere!
*Megan Garrity*

I love the Lima Museum design by Lucho Llosa I was at the inaugural opening, and the very artistic way it recreates the living in Lima and the spirit of the town is simply amazing.
*Ricardo Cunningham*

City of Lima itself provides an amazing museum experience. Its 16th century aesthetics and Spanish-colonial influence are highlighted throughout the center. The Huacas and new modern art pieces sprinkled all over the city, create a mosaic web of modern industrialism and historical fortitude.

I really like the Museo Metropolitano de Lima It’s what I want a museum to be: informative, modern, interactive and guided. I’d lived in Lima for several years before visiting this museum, but it taught me a great deal more about my city. (And the entry fee is reasonable, as well).
*J. H.*

Museo Amano – a hidden gem with bilingual text which is so helpful! I have a passion for textiles in art and love to see them we’ll preserved and card for. I am excited to be in Lima October 16-25 and would be thrilled to experience USEA’s Noche de Arte with my friend !
*Wendy Ball*Last month we asked our readers to tell us what their favorite museums in Lima are. This is what you came up with.