Native Community from Madre de Dios Pays Homage to Pope Francis


The native community called Boca Pariamanu decided to baptize their forests as “Nihii Eupa Francisco”, in honor of the Supreme Pontiff.

The homage seems to be due to the supreme pontiff’s birthday. It is important to remember that Pope Francis will visit Peru for the first time in only 29 days.

There are tributes and greetings to the Holy Father, who turned 81 years old on last Sunday.

The forest which is now called “Nihii Eupa Francisco” which would mean “Pope Francis Forest” is a 1,800 hectares forest recognized for how well its conservation has been carried out by natives from Madre de Dios.

This homage is linked to understanding that the environment and the human being form an integral, ecological and indivisible alliance and that “we have to take care of our homes”.

This native community is called Boca Pariamanu which is made up of 180 inhabitants grouped into 20 families and is located in the district of Tambopata, province of Tambopata, in the region of Madre de Dios. It is worth noting that this is the only native community in that region that belongs to the Amahuaca ethnic group.

The forest of the Boca Pariamanu native community has great scenic beauty and a variety of natural resources that includes different types of fauna and flora that are sought to be conserved; among them, harpy eagles in chestnuts, jaguars, tapirs, maquisapas, huanganas, crested eagle, deer, among others as well as chestnut trees, cedar, mahogany, shihuahuaco, lupunas, and more.

Do you think this is a good way to pay homage to Pope Francis?

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