Natural History Museum Will Celebrate 100 Years of Operations


On February 28, the National History Museum of the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos will commemorate its first centenary of operations since its foundation, said today La República.

During all of this time, La República says that the museum has worked really hard to register and preserve all of Peru’s biodiversity.

“The 100 years of validity of this important educational institution, located in the Jesús María district, are well received with the merit of being constituted, to date, in one of the five most important museums in Latin America”, explains this media.

The museum currently has 13 exposition rooms and in June a 14th will be inaugurated. This new display will show the historical investigation the museum has done in its 100 years of existence, so far.

The National History Museum has become, according to El Peruano, in an obligatory visit point to those who love nature and history. “To go through its surroundings is to be surprised by how wonderful nature can be, that over the years has housed enormous beings, which due to the evolution of the Earth became extinct, like a sperm whale found on a beach north of Lima, whose relocation to the capital, quite a few years ago, was quite an adventure”, they wrote.

This February 24 there will be a free-entry exposition for the general public and the main ceremony will take place on the 28.

(Cover Photo Wikimedia Commons)

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