New Documentary about the Startup Laboratoria, Praised by Mark Zuckerberg


The film will be available on Netflix once it is finished.

Cheryl Miller Houser, a film producer from the United States of America known as the entrepreneurial documentary maker, said that this year will begin the filming of a film about Peruvian women who learn computer programming and technology to get out of their poverty situation thanks to the “startup” Laboratoria.

Andina News Agency said today that the idea was born on a recent trip to Chile for the screening of her documentary “Generation Startup”.

During her stay in Chile, Miller Houser learned about the history of Laboratoria, an enterprise headed by Mariana Costa, which provides technical training to young women with limited economic resources.

Andina said that “the ‘startup’ has offices in Peru and Chile, and has been praised by former president Barack Obama and Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg”.

This documentary will focus on stories of women trained at the Lima headquarters and people will be able to enjoy it on Netflix, as well as in the exhibition “Generation Startup”.

Filming will begin in November and will last eight to nine months (…). My latest film (‘Generation Startup’) features the lives of six young people in Detroit who, when they started, knew nothing (about how to create a ‘startup’.)”, she explained to Andina, adding that they followed the story for a year and a half so that the viewer feels that he or she is traveling with them. “I want to do the same (with this new project) and show that emotional journey”, the filmmaker said.

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