New Fast Food Law Hurts Peruvians While Helping the Industry

La Togordi (Joseph Diaz Romero/Living in Peru)

A new food law that improves conditions for the industry and not the consumer is pending approval amidst severe criticism.

The main reason behind the critics of this law is that many people say it only benefits food producers while serving to the detriment of Peruvians. The law is currently being debated.

It is important to recall that the original regulation was debated for about 4 years before coming into force.

The aspect that is heavily criticized about this “Fast Food Law” is that the proposed labels apparently omit a lot of important information such as: “this food is high in sodium”, “this food may contain too much sugar,” and other pieces of information that according to the World Health Organization should be clear and easy-to-understand.

The World Health Organization’s suggestions to include nutritional standards in said law were not taken into account.

Nevertheless, the labels are still being discussed. Many people have expressed their dissatisfaction with the information that labels would display if the change was approved; most of it containing graphics and percentages that when surveyed, a majority of the Peruvian population did not find clear.

Said survey conducted last year by Datum showed an acceptance of the octagonal format warnings by 97% of Peruvians; the octagonal label that was created by the Ministry of Health provided clear and easy to understand nutritional information while the other being proposed does not.

Congress, however, is insisting upon the elimination of the octagonal label in favor of the label provided by the industry.

These are very curious news taking into account that the popularity of healthy Peruvian food is growing lately; here you can check out the superfoods brand recently launched by Peru.

Do you think it is a good idea to favor the industry by changing the labels?

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